Freedom Or Irrational Fear?

This short video clip appeared on Mark Windows’ Discord Channel:

ACT LIKE YOU HAVE IT (8 seconds)
Outside Sainsbury’s Crawley, UK uploaded by Jade C on Discord
Subliminal conditioning to be afraid of the “other”… on the basis of a myth
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Which resonates with this:

They Live – Ideology (2 minutes 56 seconds)
Extract from the film, They Live
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However, a growing number of thinking people are not obeying nor conforming:

They Live… Vancouver March 2021 (2 minutes 31 seconds)
“Not Bad For Our First Production! Big Thanks To all you who were a part of this…. We all did it together! Who’s looking forward to part 2? ;)”
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Why have they no fear? Because they search for truth and a shared understanding. They know that there is nothing to fear from a mythical “virus” nor other people.

Meanwhile, those who still fear the mythical “virus” and are terrified of “catching it” have far more reason to fear authorised narratives, “medicines” and genetic modification of their immune system, a.k.a. “vaccines”.

Alex Thomson of Eastern Approaches and UK Column pointed to this next article which is in German but the data source is published in English.

Erschreckende Statistik – Impfnebenwirkungen jetzt amtlich
In January 2021, the number skyrocketed to 27,242. In February 2021 and March 2021, the number of adverse events reported was 52,183 and 52,165, respectively, representing a fivefold increase in adverse events in the last two months compared to the Corona Year 2020 average.

From the article: “A picture paints a thousand words”.

Talking of narratives, now the “useful idiots” are spouting yet more contradictory nonsense. Those “vaccines” are magic. Even though they appear to have no “payback” in terms of “returning to normal”, in spite of the claims for their efficacy, people clamour for the magic elixir of “freedom” – see, we told you it was snake-oil.

Don’t hug grandparents at Easter even if they’re vaccinated, Chris Whitty warns

I don’t normally post mainstream narratives because they are highly damaging, even if you don’t believe them. Nonetheless, Chris’s false claims and contradictions are obvious once we understand what really makes us ill?

Once perceptions match reality, the structure of the human farm will be revealed and a self-organising political economy will emerge to replace the crumbling edifice of centralised control.

The way out of this mess is to free ourselves from irrational fear. That requires knowledge which we can get from other people, not from those who have a vested interest in propping up the crumbling edifice of lies but from those who need to know the truth.

The road to freedom is now clear.