In the last article, I referred to our get-together on Monday to send healing energy to Eddie. Photographs of the work are now up on the Invisible Universe website that was very much inspired by Eddie.

Family Magic

Also on the Invisible Universe website is the report on our work since the beginning of May 2021. This includes a link to Eddie’s paper that talks about “framing”, specifically the framing of narratives.

How we frame events and issues is pivotal to how we understand and navigate the world.

The second piece of work we did on 11 May this year is related to our discussions on the methodology of money. The framing of our discussion to produce that work was the family; we tend not to use money in a family context and yet we negotiate multiple familial relationships and activities throughout our lifetimes.

Money didn’t replace barter. Money displaced the “family” framing of relationships and activities within communities. The barter or exchange “framing” of our understanding of money has blinded us to the possibilities of mediation structures (to capture, store and transfer value in space and time) that would satisfy both human and environmental needs in a global context.

If we extend the framing of human activity to envisage a global “family”, the possibilities of technology to help mediate multiple relationships and activities within such a global context come into focus.

I’m not putting forward a blueprint of how we create new systems to replace current money although we have done some work on developing alternative reward systems.

Rather, I’m putting forward the proposition that if we extend our thinking about how we conduct relationships and activities in the family context, we may find it easier to make the intellectual leap from the current competitive reward structure to envisage collaborative and mutually supportive value and reward structures locally, then nationally and ultimately globally.

Framing is key…