Flu Shot Doubled Risk of Catching H1N1

This excerpt, from Episode 101 of the Corbett Report in October 2009, refers to a study, then in peer review, which showed a direct correlation between flu shots and the alleged H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic.

Flu shot study shows vaccine doubled risk of catching H1N1 – “the research is solid” based on 12/13 million people – COVID/Flu Shot correlation anyone?

Association between the 2008–09 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine and Pandemic H1N1 Illness during Spring–Summer 2009: Four Observational Studies from Canada

COVID-19 is a trojan not a virus https://www.outersite.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/COVID-19_StructuralViolence2020.pdf

The study (since published) itself concludes “Further experimental and epidemiological assessment is warranted.” Clearly there is a lack of desire to expose this and many other indications that vaccines cause rather than cure disease and hence the lack of studies into the correlation between mass vaccination and flu deaths. I’ve referred in the past to the 20 million who died from “Spanish Flu” in the early 20th century – all had been subject to mass vaccination programmes.

Not only are people clamouring for the inadequately tested COVID vaccines but many accept flu shots as routine “medical care”. The reality is that flu vaccines have nothing to do with “healthcare” but are manifestations of the business of sickness and disability – there are no profits, within the current business model, to be harvested from “doing nothing” to keep people healthy.

In 2018, Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

I came across this clip on vaccines because I was searching for James Corbett’s take on Franklin D Roosevelt who took the US into WW2 and thus not one of the “good guys”. However, things are seldom binary and, arguably, Franklin wasn’t all bad.

How an Austrian and British Malthusian Brainwashed a Generation of Americans By Matthew Ehret-Kump
One month after the London Times October 17, 1932 publication began to print arguments from proponents of both schools on how to best end the depression, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to the U.S. presidency.

With his presidential victory, a specific form of economic planning was restored to the republic that had nothing to do with either school of Keynes or Hayek and everything to do with something uniquely embedded in the U.S. Constitutional traditions that petrified the hereditary empires of Europe’s old nobility.

These characters, Franklin D Roosevelt, John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich von Hayek, are “players” rather than “controllers”. The control is vested in the structure and individuals have little sway over where we are headed, whether we’re talking about the COVID scam or world war three; the former is the fourth phase of WW3.

Changing the structure is the only way the trajectory will change and alternative structures are beginning to take root. This year will be pivotal in the war of centralisation versus decentralisation and it is up to all of us to decide how we respond, i.e. to escape the trajectory, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and each other. Because those serving the structure cannot be trusted…