Evolving New World Order

This post is prompted, in part, by an article on Fascism that Critical Thinker Pennie sent me last Friday asking what I thought. To which I replied (edited to clarify)…

I’m not in the right “place” to give this detailed attention but early 20th century politics were characterised by the Hegelian dialectic: create a problem (Socialism, spread from the Bolshevik revolution)… break down national culture with creeping depravity and loss of moral “sense” – Weimar Republic; foster the reaction (Fascism) to reclaim the vital foundations for a coherent society; to resolve these opposing forces, the solution (war) ensues which was planned all along; the story is a lot more involved and multi-layered but clearly that was the plan – a second bite at destroying national culture and generations of European youth, sapping the vitality of the Polis; thus making them malleable. Enter the Common Market to introduce “social capitalism” (temporarily), followed by neo-liberalism and the European Union building block for one world government.

What we’re witnessing now is analogous to the situation in the pre-Bolshevik period in Russia where successive “revolutionary” governments became more radical until the Provisional government ushered in Lenin and his Ashkenazi cult to implement the grand plan.

Brexit and all the other divisions around the world are heralding the next phase in the war on us all: nascent civil war and martial law. Unless we understand the game, we’ll dance their tune to the abattoir.

Today’s UK Column, if not fully “on point” throughout today’s broadcast made very powerful points based on hard evidence; their only shortcoming was the view that representative democracy could be in any way better than the subverted, manipulated “community assemblies” and XR with their Delphi techniques, Common Purpose, NLP, change agents applying the Stratfor strategy to divide and control. This is happening all around us and these are important ingredients on the march to the new world order and, as they said in 1992, the environmental movement (and by implication local communities) are cannon fodder, and indigenous populations in the worldwide wilderness are “problems” to be removed.

This is sounding like Daily Pickings and it’s groundhog day 🙂 However, it’s a message that needs to travel and I’ll ponder trying to put it out in the context of outersite.org.

Our defence, is knowing the game and not playing. More important is to add to the growing number of voices who are talking about the game… human perception can shift and then the trajectory will change; we’re approaching the crunch point where the great awakening meets the human cull. Happy Christmas because the New Year is going to get worse before it gets better.

There are many examples of the Hegelian dialectic being used to manipulate geopolitics before, during and after WW1 and WW2 – the system thrives and progresses through the application of layers of subterfuge, distraction and propaganda. James Corbett’s latest video (also sent by Pennie) explains the supposed transition to a multi-polar world order. The new world order is dead, hail the new world order (NWO).
Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!

And this is the point; whether we are talking of the NWO taking shape as described in How We Live or in a more granular (multi-polar) fashion, as James describes, makes not an ounce of difference. National power structures have been infiltrated and are subject to the will of the NWO; the formation of “independent” City states, answerable to a world government, have helped erode national sovereignty and cohesion, all to compartmentalise, divide and control the human cattle; ie. remove all possibility of autonomy based on a clear, shared understanding of the world. This is why it is essential to step aside from corrupt hierarchical institutions to make sense of the world, issues and events. Academics and “experts” too need to co-create their learning in order to close the gap between popular, trained perceptions and our lived reality.

Hermetic Principles

The Hegelian dialectic is rooted in Hermetic principles but is a distortion of what universal law mandates. The Tao, the Tarot, Kybalion and many other references reveal the underlying principle of the universe as balance (YinYang). For example, Le Diable (the Devil) card in the Tarot has Solve tatooed on the right arm and Coagula on the left. Solve is to analyse and Coagula is to unite.

What this means is that there are competing or potentially unfair outcomes from a particular action or decision. Some may benefit from a given change whereas others may be disadvantaged or possibly even killed. Killing is a fundamental wrong in most circumstances but the decision to kill someone may be contingent on preserving the lives of others.

Each individual must take responsibility for their actions, the well-being of others and using nature’s gifts wisely. Under universal law, we cannot abdicate this responsibility to others.

The Hegelian dialectic abuses this principle of balance by abstracting or fabricating elements within a given situation in order to create false (predetermined) choices.

A false, abstracted Thesis (which ignores any contrary evidence) is proposed or created; the Thesis creates the Antithesis (which is similarly a distortion and manipulation of reality); to which the solution is Synthesis, ie. melding these two flawed propositions into what was intended all along.

While balance and temperance are the overriding Hermetic principles of the universe, these are absent from the Hegelian dialectic which is balancing and then synthesising one “evil” with another.

Thus we are manipulated, through the creation of myths, to clamour for the synthesis of “evil” intent into our lived reality.

The true nature of what is occurring is only visible to those who look at situations and events from multiple perspectives; binary dialectics keep the majority blind to reality.

Here are two more important examples: climate change and the holocaust.

Climate change

The climate change thesis was manufactured by money power which created the UN and IPCC, building blocks for the NWO. The IPCC was the medium through which climate science was corrupted and the man-made global warming hoax promulgated. The infiltration, subversion and manipulation of the environmental movement fostered the antithesis, “climate change” activism; the synthesis is provided by Agenda 2030, sustainability and the green new deal, all managed by the putative one world government, the UN, at least until pretence is no longer necessary to subdue and control the human cattle whose will and ability to object have been destroyed.

There are many complex layers to the phoney climate change narrative but they all point in the same direction. It is a myth to frighten the human cattle into the new world order, in which Structural Elite have the worldwide wilderness as their exclusive playground and subjugated what’s left of humanity to serve their will.

The Holocaust

Who knows when the holocaust myth was fabricated? There had been many references to a holocaust of 6 million Jews in the decades preceding WW2 – predictive programming? However, in the immediate aftermath of the war, there was little credence given to the holocaust myth in official circles; as in WW1, the holocaust myth fell under the heading of anti-German propaganda to stir up antipathy to all things German during the war. After WW1, the bogus claims of German atrocities quickly evaporated. Winston Churchill, who wrote volumes on WW2, never mentioned the holocaust.

The postwar holocaust myth, created by money power through academia and media (Hollywood et al), provided the thesis which resulted in the reaction or antithesis, hostility towards all things German and overwhelming sympathy for Jews. The synthesis of this particular dialectic takes many forms including, harvesting the wealth and resources of the planet, the creation of Rothschilds’ private fiefdom, Israel, and its expansion into Greater Israel while cloaking their global power in the security blanket of fabricated Jewish “victimhood”, the usual inversion of reality.

The real holocaust in the immediate aftermath of the war, of some 11 million Germans, occurred in plain site but nobody noticed because that story was an inconvenient truth which would have loosened the linchpin of Rothschilds’ invulnerability.

To be clear, this is not about Rothschilds but the structure which makes them the beneficiaries of the wealth of the planet. If we remove our consent to this system, they have no power.

Retribution is inadmissible under universal law which, in any event, will deal with them according to universal justice.

However, for the world to change, we do need to take responsibility for both our thinking and our actions. When human perception shifts the world will be transformed.

NWO Mind Map