Evolutionary Stories

We have been building towards the current transition for decades or even centuries.

Our co-created analysis describes the unfolding plans for world domination by centralised power. For this to be achieved, human consciousness must be suppressed.

Our connection with the higher order of being has been progressively under attack during the 20th century. Since world war three was declared against the human population on 11th September 2001, our condition has worsened considerably. This has been explained in a number of articles and papers, including this one: Road to Slavery

However, a growing number of the potential targets for slavery and genocide are awakening to the reality of the current war. More and more people can clearly see the machinations to achieve total control over the human population.

The ground is shifting under the feet of those who subscribe to “The Great Reset” and all that it entails. This shift is driven by cosmic forces and follows the cycle that those who study such things have been anticipating.

Pennie pointed out this comment, reproduced here, as one of the seasonal goodwill messages from Off-Guardian.

From: D, Germany
I would like to expose some esoteric concepts and providing some gnostic info for comparing in what’s going on nowadays. So here we go.

According to the Hindu mystical tradition and other ancient wisdoms, there’re four eras that cyclically the mankind goes through, these are: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron.

The latter Iron is the heaviest. Here the density is heavy. The most vulgar materialism domines here and the most dormant consciousness is in. Lies reign. economical disfunctions, selfishness, deception, perversion, etc.

This era is called Kali Yuga or the dark era. The final time. The age when human consciousness or Dharma, means as a collective body, reaches is lowest point, in which the spiritual dimension is very low in the society.

So then, when the bottom has been reached, the entropy due to interaction between the Planet and consciousness generates a sort of revolution, a kind of destruction of the old schemes or more appropriate a reset’ (thats the real meaning of great reset. Not the fake one replaced by the elite) that going completing the cycle and returning to the first age, the Golden age and so on.

From here it turns into new world, within an ethereal and enlightned dimension.

In which the consciousness is right connected to the source. Where the mind is directly links to the creative willing of the heart. The love of wisdom. Peace and abundance. Litterally the heaven on earth. More or less each phase has a duration of about 5,000 years. Although this duration has several interpretations.

Why does this occur? Because the Dharma, the human consciousness, makes a complete lap in which it must across all the experiences.

In the period of Kali Yuga the pressure is heavy. The dense conscience has facing with so many uglyness and distortions due above all to the great forgetfulness, therefore the fear of death is dominant and lack of connection that the souls have in this period.

As you can guess we are in this phase, even at the end of the era (which can take still quite a while) what occuring now is exactly that. The nightmare that’s ongoing is due to the strong friction that the collective consciousness is undergoing.

And here the Archons come in to play. Who are the Archons? In the Pistis Sophia (Coptic Gnostic text) they are described as the controlling demiurges, those that create the veil of illusion and suffering. Whose that create the low-density conditions through the fearness, but in which the consciousness of the human being has to be awaken.

Therefore the Archons, are also considered (from the gnostic and other spiritual disciplines) as divine instrument. Im not saying they’re fine. They’re terribly èvil and wanting to blend and submit the mankind. But at meantime are necessary for pushing the awakening of consciousness to take place, goes beyond the veil of materialism, of illusion, injustice and suffering, and completing the cycle. since all this goes further the concept of good and evil, the destruction of dense matter is the solution for re-established freedom and awareness and this can occur through dramatic and suffering events, (Kali, godness of destruction, rapresented that.

Death and rebirth, radical change) so the consciousness be awaken and return to a new golden age. Therefore whatever we are experiencing especially nowadays even if it seems insane and criminal (that’s actually so but facing the issue on another level as written above goes beyond good and evil) is actually necessary and somehow sacred.

The Archons embodied by the elites who rule the world, must do this, creating a distopic reality. They have to push (unawarenessly) us to the limit of endurance so that the mankind can awaken, dissolve the great density that grips the consciousness and return to the golden age. This mythical time is coveted and wished by every ancient wisdom present on planet earth.

For this reason, in spite of planetary awakening, many, so called in the Buddism, Bodhisattvas, who are, souls of service, are incarnated on Earth for trying to accelerate the process of extinction and dissolution of the very dense matter that the collective consciousness has accumulated over the millennia of the cycle.

The dissidents and the resisters who are standing up against the current insanity (the biggest hoax of mankind’s history) are the Bodhisattvas, who came to earth at this timeline precisely to help this awakening and shifting the Humans (at least whose ready to be awake. The critical mass) to the golden age.

The awakening process is already occuring. But as time is cyclic, there’s no clear perception of this. We are in the middle of the process. The Archons know that and what’s going on in spite of the awakening. That’s why they want doing fast.

But They have no conscience, they have no soul. So they think going to realize their agenda anyway. But the divine plan goes beyond and in any case they won’t succeed. Only we have to get by on our own, since awakening is in the arbitrary field.

That’s why it can take 2 years like 100 and more people awaken, shorter would occur the shifting. We have realize we living in a matrix. The Elite-Archons are going to set the worst nightmare, that It couldn’t ever imagine. Literally the hell on the heart. That’s their goal.

But the powerful of global consciousness and divine light won’t allow that. The end of the Archons-elite is unavoidable, they’ll going to lose. And the world, instead, will become a wonderful place.

And what we are experiencing now will be just a horrible memory not to be repeated again and in which we all (more likely our descendants) can learn from.

In the last article, I asserted that the tide has turned; the current tyrannical structure cannot prevail. The Age of Plunder is coming to an end in spite of the efforts of the beneficiaries who have been unable to curtail the spread of knowledge of reality. This script was written in October 2009, a year on from the global financial crisis of 2008 when the plunder of global wealth shifted into overdrive.

The Banker by SikWilly
“So just go on watching your plasma TV
And the world will be run by the ones you can’t see”

But more people refuse to be brainwashed by TV; human consciousness is evolving.

On Christmas Day, I was struck with an urge to make notes for a series of articles that I gave a working title of “freedom stories”; however, evolutionary stories seems more appropriate.

The age of Kali Yuga or plunder has been characterised by progressive ignorance and competition that feed each other. “Might has become right” irrespective of reality. However, the certainty of “authority” is rapidly fading as people look to each other rather than institutional hierarchy for information and mutual support. The era of competition is giving way to collaboration and co-creative development.

New beginnings are taking root around the world as people awaken to the realisation that they cannot trust governments, corporations, NGOs, civil society, i.e. institutional hierarchy.

More people are co-creating alternatives to what the structure provides while refusing to comply with evermore nonsensical and tyrannical regulations and laws.

More importantly, more are awakening to their spiritual reality – this shift of human consciousness is irreversible and will only gather momentum.