Everything Is Connected

Yesterday’s article finished with the statement in today’s title. How do we know everything is connected? Because our and many people’s research from multiple perspectives reveal this to be the case. I provided links to some of the accumulated research within the introduction to Why I Am Here.

David Icke has been researching and explaining these connections for decades. In this recent video, he relays what was declared by an “insider” in 1969. David is referring to the presentation made to an audience of paediatric doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Richard Day, former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Lawrence Dunegan’s recollections of what he heard at that meeting were recorded. David relates Lawrence’s recollections to the current situation. Everything claimed by Richard Day in 1969 is now here.

World Events Are Not Pre-Planned? – Watch This (video 1 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds)

This New World Order has undoubtedly been the plan but as I and others have often repeated, that plan is unravelling. Meanwhile, we’ve been inadvertently given the means and understanding to co-create alternatives to what they thought they had “in the bag”.