Everything Is Coming Together

Those who’ve followed the work of Critical Thinking and this blog are probably aware that fundamental change is underway. The many perspectives we’ve explored all point in the same direction: the old order is collapsing and new structures are emerging.

One of the biggest obstacles faced by individuals attempting to embrace these changes are their beliefs. The next three videos, while long, are indicative of how we need to challenge what we’ve been taught from an early age. They were sent in the last couple of days by Sally who is involved in local groups with which I interact. Sally has been on this journey of discovery for decades and has derived deep insights from her experiences.

As Laurence Gardner explains, in the last two centuries, evidence has emerged which renders prior beliefs untenable. However, in schools and wider society, the false narratives persist.

Irrespective of efforts to maintain control of these false narratives, more and more people are awakening to the reality of our condition and are questioning their beliefs.

The work of Michael Tellinger, among many others, helped to shape Critical Thinking’s analysis. This recent video shows how his work and story have moved on.

Anunnaki, Gold and Ancient Hidden Technology (video 2 hours 2 minutes 35 seconds)
In this presentation (by Michael Tellinger) are shown artifacts that defy explanation in conventional circles but show the physical evidence of a vanished civilization in South Africa over 200,000 years ago involved in gold mining and a knowledge of using sound as a source of energy.

How is everything coming together? Michael has arrived at Money, as we have, as the root cause of our problems. He is advocating the Ubuntu principle – kindness, humanity or human-ness. Our work suggests that direct value handling fosters the Ubuntu principle…