Drugs Cartels Since 1604

We may think that drugs cartels are a modern phenomenon but their origins go back to the granting of a charter to the East India Company by Elizabeth I in 1604 that laid the foundations for empire built on drugs and plunder (piracy).

David Martin – News from 1604 (video 56 minutes 52 seconds)
Drugs and Insurance underpin the centralised power that gestated over centuries. One milestone was the establishment of the East India Company with a charter granted by the Queen of England, Elizabeth I. David refers to the “mercantile” class which is from where the banking families originated.
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What facilitated this concentration of power?

Running in parallel with the creation of empire and global piracy was the creation of the corporate state. Following the declaration that all inhabitants of England were lost at sea under the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, everyone came to be registered as assets of the Crown Corporation under the control of the City of London.

We know how money rules… everything and everyone. Money is the mechanism or methodology that has enslaved and impoverished humans everywhere because countries are corporations and everyone is indented to the state. This the mechanism by which we are farmed as domesticated cattle. Money is the conduit through which our health and creative energy are harvested.

From the video: The pharmaceutical industry spends $4 billion a year on “public relations” to persuade our governments, media, academia, NGOs and other institutions that we need their drugs, outspending every other lobbying interest. The next heaviest spender is the insurance industry ($3 billion per annum) which is a direct conduit of money power.

Research shows how large corporations are interlocking and controlled by very few people; these people aren’t those put in front of us to attract our ire or admiration (e.g. Gates, Fauci, Soros, etc.). Like the lobbying interests for big pharma, insurance et al, the names of the few seldom appear in media and their real power and wealth remain well hidden/disguised.

Money, in its current exchangeable form, displaced trust between humans and their activities that sustained them with trust in a proxy of human value. That proxy is issued and controlled, ostensibly by the state (corporation) but, in reality, is issued and controlled by the same very few people. The global money structure has evolved to rule and no-one is now in control. Money rules because the structure dictates human attitudes and behaviour.
As in the socerer’s apprentice, they cannot stop the structure even if they want to; a higher authority is required – universal law.

Money is the currency of life and death in today’s world
and the money environment dictates our reality.

New forms of currency and fundamental thinking about money and its purpose challenge the foundations of control. These ideas have their roots in natural, human proclivity that sustained humans for millennia – co-operation rather than competition.

Without humans and their activities, money wouldn’t exist. The purpose of money and
its methodologies are to sustain the individual, the group and society at large.

Through exploration of how humans have managed their activities and relationships
historically, we can identify two methodologies used to mediate interactions between
humans: complex and simple methodology. Simple methodology is known today as

Simple money is the product of simplifying complex methodology to achieve scalability
with the introduction of the concepts of exchange of value(s) and trustless relationships.

Complex “money” methodology accumulates data on needs, capacities and links
(between entities) and provides knowledge of how to do things thereby informing
ongoing decisions and activities for sustainable development.

Undoubtedly, the current money cycle is coming to an end and a reset is inevitable. The Great Reset promoted by Klaus Schwab (another bag carrier for money power) will not work but complex methodology that sustained humans for millennia will.