Distraction Versus Reality

Some time ago, I referred to securitisation of illusory existential threats that are the distractions created by the structure that induces ignorance.

Contrary to the claims of climate crises, pandemics and numerous other distractions, the real existential challenges are cosmic in scale. Academia is largely blind to this reality because of the shackles imposed by institutional hierarchy. We refer to these shackles in our paper Gulag Academia.

Randall Carlson explains the nature of these cosmic threats to our civilisation.

A recent post referred to cycles in the context of the Yugas. Randall explains in the next video the mathematical nature of relationships between humans, structures they have built, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the Cosmos. It is a long but enthralling presentation covering mathematics, numerology, symbology and much more.

Also on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/f7KodfKFOPie/

And on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@Outersite.org:7/HIDDENMATHEMATICS-RandallCarlson-AncientKnowledgeofSpaceTimeCosmicCycles:3

What is increasingly evident is that we are on the threshold of great change driven by cosmic forces that are precipitating changes in energy affecting our environment and ourselves. We need to move beyond the daily distractions to focus firstly on co-creating self-organising, autonomous but interdependent groups and communities to become independent of the structure that limits our understanding and potential.

Co-creative learning and development is the methodology that will accelerate this process.

CoCreative Learning Project
The two main obstacles to CoCreative Learning are ideology and ego. What we don’t need in our group are “teachers” (this is not to exclude the teaching profession, some of whom already facilitate co-creative learning within the confines of a dirigiste education system); what we need are learners, ie. people who put their beliefs, preconceptions, assumptions and biases aside to consider and compare new information impartially. The problem with “teachers” is that they already “know” and want to tell everyone what they know.

Armed with knowledge and wisdom, we are more than capable of organising ourselves to remove the impediments to sustaining ourselves. Beyond that we can begin to consider how we adapt to changes wrought by cosmic forces. They may be beyond our control but they are not beyond our understanding.

Clearly the ancients knew far more than we do and arguably created structures and technology that are vastly superior to what we see around us today.