Debt Refuseniks

The previous article describes my ongoing battle with Enfield Council, its Officers and Councillors; since then we’ve received another summons in respect of council tax for the current financial year. More on that later…

Today, I’m challenging Lloyds Bank over its “Business Bounceback Loan” scheme and the fraudulent nature of the current banking business model.

The following letter has been delivered in hard copy to my local branch for onward transmission, together with copies for the Branch, Robin Budenberg (Chair of Lloyds Bank plc) and William Chalmers, Interim Group Chief Executive. The letter and enclosure have also been emailed to with a request that they are forwarded to the Board of Directors.

Clive Menzies & Associates Limited

Gareth Oakley
Managing Director, Business Banking
Lloyds Bank plc
25 Gresham Street
London EC2V 7HN

1st July 2021


Dear Mr Oakley

Copies of this letter are being sent to Robin Budenberg and William Chalmers. Copies should also go to the Board of Directors.

I have received the following notification from Lloyds Bank:

Following our recent communications, we wanted to remind you that the 12-month capital repayment holiday on your Bounce Back Loan has come to an end. You’ll need to make monthly capital repayments to pay back the amount you borrowed, plus interest from 16 July 2021.

We’ll automatically collect your capital repayments and interest using the payment details set up when you opened your loan. If your payment details have since changed, please let us know.

It has come to our notice that there is no valid contract between us and consequently your deduction of payments in respect of the alleged “loan” are unlawful.

It is empirically proven and acknowledged by the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund that when banks “lend” money, the money in question does not exist prior to loan; money is created by digital means only when it is lent.

Can banks individually create money out of nothing? — The theories and the empirical evidence – Richard A.Werner

A valid contract in law requires consideration from both parties. The borrower’s consideration is the promise to repay the loan with interest whereas the bank provides no consideration. Thus the contract is invalid.

BBL and other “coronavirus” loan schemes have been promoted on false premises, the invalidity of the contracts being only one.

In collusion with the UK government and others, Lloyds Bank has promoted a false premise on which to defraud and damage its customers and the wider public.

Ample evidence reveals the nature of the fraud and deception.

The enclosed paper, also available at, provides extensive references that reveal the criminal actions of governments, banks and others in promoting the false pandemic narrative.

This narrative has been used to coerce the British public into compliance with unlawful and nonsensical interference in their lives leading to the destruction of businesses and livelihoods.

The paper is self-explanatory but a few salient facts are worth noting:

  • The UK government, under expert advice, downgraded COVID19 as a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) on 19th March 2020 but four days later, imposed the “coronavirus” regulations
    One possible reason for this anomaly is that if COVID19 is an HCID, post-mortems to determine the cause of death are obligatory. Thus the reality, that no-one has died from “coronavirus”, remains hidden from public view.
  • Mass vaccination is one objective of those driving this deception and there has been at least one post-mortem that has revealed the lethal nature of COVID vaccines
    These so called “vaccines” are experimental and have been inadequately tested. They are being promoted as “safe” and yet the MHRA Yellow Card system has recorded many deaths and harms from these “vaccines”. The MHRA acknowledges that only a fraction of adverse reactions are reported but has recorded 1,356 deaths and nearly one million adverse reactions; the real numbers are likely much higher A growing number of experts are predicting much graver consequences over the longer term with many more people dying from mRNA injections.
  • Germ theory and “virology” are discredited. No empirical evidence supports theories of transmissible disease by contagion or infection
  • Mass vaccination is but one objective. The overall objective is impoverishment, enslavement and reduction of the global population.
  • The global financial system has been on the verge of collapse since 2008 but has been on “life-support” from central bank money issuance ever since. Over-issuance of a currency always results in its collapse and the day of reckoning is coming. Thus the pandemic narrative is cover for the “Great Reset” and the replacement of soon-to-be-valueless fiat currencies with central bank digital currency (CBDCs).
  • Understanding of what is unfolding is expanding rapidly and a growing number of people are challenging those responsible. Following orders is no defence.

Lloyds Bank’s provision of access to money has been useful, not least because in its absence, we would have been unable to live and work in the circumstances that have been manufactured. Given that Clive Menzies & Associates Limited ostensibly provided the consideration for the contract in the first instance, arguably it is we who created the money. However, without Lloyds Bank’s facility, we would have found it difficult (but not impossible) to create money independently.

In recognition of the administrative convenience provided by Lloyds Bank, we propose an ex-gratia payment of £500 in full and final settlement of the BBL.

Finally, the Bank would be well advised to understand that money is changing. Developments, currently underway, invalidate the current banking business model

Yours sincerely

Clive Menzies

The various loan schemes promoted under the cover of the COVID trojan (see the paper sent to Lloyds Bank – link above) are just a part of the “mother of all debt entrapments” eloquently described by Catherine Austin Fitts.

However, one is only trapped if one agrees to be. We don’t.

As ever, feel free to use any of the material provided and remember…