Debased Science

In 2019, we published Gulag Academia which explains how academia has been created and corrupted to further the interests of those controlling money and the levers of power in the global political economy.

The following video came via Pennie on Twitter and confirms, from a medical perspective, all that we discovered in respect of science in general and climate “science” in particular.

WATCH: Perspectives on the Pandemic #13 (Video: 41minutes and 42 seconds)
The pharmaceutical industry is manufacturing all these medical journal articles, behind the scenes, for marketing purposes.”

Also available on Odysee and BitChute

Recent Outersite articles expose the fraud of germ theory and “virology” – the fraud is built on the techniques described in The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine. Leemon McHenry claims in the above video that this is a problem that has emerged over the last 30 years. Dawn Lester and David Parker reveal how the fraud was baked into modern “medicine” from its inception in the 19th century.

Most doctors don’t explore evidence beyond what’s provided by the pharmaceutical industry and are thus complicit in the fraud and abuse of their patients. Without exaggeration, in wilful ignorance, doctors commit grievous bodily harm and murder on a daily basis.

Furthermore, they are complicit in the abuse and torture of everyone throughout the pandemic hoax of the last 13 months.