Critical Thinking explored the cyclical nature of existence, particularly from an astrotheological perspective. We also made reference to the end of Kali (Iron) Yuga.

This video reconciles the seeming anomaly between the calculated period of the sun’s precession through the twelve signs of the Zodiac to arrive at the starting point and the time stated for the cycle of Yugas. 25,765 years for the astrological year is premised on 50.29 arc seconds per year whereas the calculations for the Yugas are based on 54 arc seconds which translates exactly as 24,000 years to complete one cycle through all the descending and ascending Yugas and coincides with the astrological year using the same figure.

The Yuga Cycle – When Does the Kali Yuga End? (video 1 hour 13 minutes 18 seconds)
There is a tremendous amount of confusion when it comes to the yuga cycle and when the Kali yuga ends. I have distilled the most important information about this topic into this video to clarify what is the likeliest end to the dark age of Kali.

We are now approaching the great transition referred to in Monday’s article and calculated to begin in 2025. We are at the end of the 2700 year ascending Kali Yuga and about to enter a period of upheaval that will see the destruction of the current order, heralding the 300 year transition to the ascending Dwapara Yuga. Human consciousness is rising.