Cull in California

How We Live explains the agenda to cull the human herd and Beyond Critical Thinking refers to the targeted fires in California.

Deborah Tavares reports and explains; she is there and witnessed the unfolding of this cull both in 2017 and 2019. Currently, we’re witnessing “clearances”, preparing for the “world wilderness”; the full scale cull is yet to get underway.

FIRES – BEHIND THE SMOKE: The Death Agendas (59 minute video)

“Localising” the cull ensures that few pay attention to the fires beyond what’s reported in the news as “climate change”; most are oblivious to the reality of the cull – their perceptions don’t match reality.

The perception problem: how do you define ‘reality’? by Martin Geddes
To insist on a “unilateral consensus” risks dehumanising and pathologising the dissenting “other”, since it (wrongly) believes we have nothing to learn from others. Mistakes then lead to a “shriek of the conscience” from over-estimating our ability to discern world affairs.

Our perceptions have much to do with our fears and confusion. Gurdjieff uses the analogy of the Horse and Carriage.

The Carriage is the body, the Driver is our mind and the Passengers are the many “I”s we carry in our body. The Horse is our emotions which the mind ought to control but our fragmented soul is not capable of “horsemanship”. In our state of fear and confusion, we resort to our emotional “I”s to define our being.

Thus we resist truth.

Once we are prepared to shed or suppress our emotional “I”s, we are ready to embark on our journey of discovery. As our understanding expands, we gain confidence to shed more and more of those “I”s.

Expanding understanding comes from co-creative learning.

Once we understand, we can withdraw consent to be farmed.

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