Critical Thinking

Within the last few days, LinkedIn censored (by removal) a post that contained information on Freedom Of Information requests for evidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus being isolated.

No-one has been proven to have died from covid because no relevant post-mortem data has been released. We can be reasonably sure that if there were genuine post-mortem data proving people had died from “covid”, it would be all over the news. The upshot is that the “virus” doesn’t exist, as a growing number of people are realising.

Included in comments to the post were a link to the book, Virus Mania and an article on the book by Dawn Lester and David Parker, What Really Makes You Ill?

On Thursday evening, Dawn and David presented the findings recorded in their book and answered many questions from the sizeable audience at the Keep Talking meeting in London. A video of the event should be released shortly. Their extensive research similarly reveals the absence of evidence that proves germs and viruses cause disease. They don’t.

David refers to vaccines as being “weapons” in the warfare model adopted by modern medicine, i.e. that there is some threat (germ or virus) that needs to be fought.

It is warfare but the war is criminal authority attacking us all, in this case using toxic snake-oil.

At the meeting were many of the co-creative learning “family”.

In the break, John asked me if I could elaborate on Chemtrails, a weapon that remains well hidden within a complex web of lies, deception and distraction. Here follows some of the ensuing correspondence within the “family”. It’s best to start at the bottom because the most recent email is at the top.

Many thanks Vijay

I’d heard of this a while ago but don’t think I ever got around to seeing it before.

Pretty compelling stuff particularly in the context of “climate change” and the linking with covid today… everything coming together.

But awareness is likely to explode shortly as more people make these connections.



On 15/10/21 22:22, Vijay Mahrra wrote:

Hi, I recommend watching a documentary following the historical timeline of weather modification called Frankenskies which clearly demonstrates that it has been occurring for a long time and is quite developed now:


Thank you Clive

Why we’re all in this group innit?!

Ivor x 😁

On Fri, 15 Oct 2021, 17:51 Clive Menzies, wrote:

Many thanks Ivor

A wealth of information and analysis... co-creative learning in action :-)


Clive x

On 15/10/21 17:33, Ivor Kellock wrote:
Hi all.....!

If you haven't heard of Jim Lee you're in for a real treat!

I bumped into him about 3 or more years ago online...... It's damn scary but if you get over this you'll get fully up to speed!

Does what it says on the tin with a time line of published articles  going back more than 100 years! the most comprehensive resource on the Web cited many many times with maps of facilities around the world, articles etc...... 

I can't remember the actual dates but early naughties I think commercial airlines & military planes were converted to a type of diesel fuel with many additives....... 

The biggest clouds on the planet are called ship tracks they can be hundreds & hundreds of miles long & across..... You can see them in real time on the right map on 

They burn bunker fuel the dregs of the oil distillation process similar to tar as it has to be heated so it flows into the engines! 

These ships are generally the largest container vessels on the planet. 

To make a cloud all you need is a single particulate of anything that allows water vapour to attach to....... It then grows....... 

In the 1950s the Soviets are famous for throwing bags of cement out the back of planes to make clouds..... with reports of complete bags crashing into farm buildings...! 

They even made clouds on an old episode of top gear! 

Ski resorts employ ground based cloud makers & aeroplanes to make clouds to ensure snow for the season. 

This takes no account for weather warfare......... One of the final boundaries of human induced conflict...... 

Anyway there's enough info on the above 2 sites that more than convinced me...... Through all the bs & misinformation spread to help you think weather modification is a pack of lies...... 

Finally next door to chernobyl well 5 to 10km away is a huge atmospheric heater called the 'woodpecker' called this because of the sound it made in receivers...... 

There is circumstantial yet strong evidence to suggest chernobyl melted down cos the CIA wanted to stop the woodpecker...... It was causing shite on the east coast of the USA

Not trying to convince you John up to you to make your own mind up..... I'm convinced though! 

Here's Jim's YouTube channel

I truly love this man 

He couldn't be more open, funny & smart if he tried any harder.....! 

Ivor 😁

On Fri, 15 Oct 2021, 15:51 Clive Menzies, <> wrote:

    Hi John

    It was good to see you at last night's Keep Talking meeting. Dawn and
    David did a great job of explaining What Really Makes You Ill? I don't
    know how many books they brought with them but they were in two wheelie
    suitcases and I'm pretty sure they sold out.

    Meanwhile, you asked about chemtrails, a subject on which you've
    expressed scepticism before.

    My answer may not be what you want read/hear but it's the best way in
    which I can address your question.

    Our current mode of learning (research and analysis) is contrived to
    keep us ignorant of the bigger picture. This is explained more fully in
    the paper, Gulag Academia

    To prove that chemtrails are deliberate and used for multiple agendas is
    almost impossible to prove via orthodox learning which necessarily
    involves abstracting for study specific elements and coming to binary
    conclusions: true/false. By this method one gets quickly bogged down in
    contradictions, deceptions and distractions because it is a subject well

    Chemtrails overlap with many elements of the plan to colonise and
    control everything and everyone on the planet. When looked at from many
    perspectives, they cannot in anyway be seen as benign.

    My conviction that chemtrails are being used to foment wars, colour
    revolutions, the vaccine and climate agendas as well as facilitating
    plunder and destruction comes from looking at many pieces of information
    and analysis from many different perspectives. This has been achieved
    through the co-creative learning process.

    Rather than drilling down into every facet, it is better to review
    material from many different perspectives and over time, a sense of
    reality emerges and when we drill down into detail it becomes much
    easier to understand what is real and what is deception or distraction.

    FWIW my view is this:

    Chemtrails are real and have been increasingly used in weather warfare
    (more recently in conjunction with energy waves).

    The purpose isn't just to provoke wars and insurrection (e.g. Syria in
    advance of the uprising by creating drought conditions) but also for
    plunder. The California wildfires for example had multiple agendas,
    colonising real estate (driving people away from desirable locations - a
    bit like Katerina and New Orleans) and, for example, increasing the
    value of Rothschilds' winery.

    Rothchilds have extensive interests in weather activities which brings
    us on to the climate agenda, their invention.

    While the IPCC's 2012 SREX report specifically excludes increasing
    global temperature as showing any correlation with extreme weather but
    rather the reverse, i.e. cooler global temperatures seem to give rise to
    more extreme weather events, the myth of the "climate crisis" causing
    extreme weather has to be sustained within the global psyche; hence the
    creation of extreme weather events, e.g. feeding and directing
    hurricanes using chemical seeding and energy weapons, HAARP etc.

    Now that we're into the pandemic narrative, what is it that David and
    Dawn discovered about the black death? That contrary to being caused by
    a mythical virus, it was atmospheric conditions (e.g. ammonia in the
    atmosphere and the water) possibly due to a comet strike and seismic
    instability releasing toxins into the atmosphere.

    It is likely that many of the elements and particles sprayed globally
    into the atmosphere over the last 20 plus years are a more direct form
    of weapon being unleashed on us all. There are obvious questions to be
    asked such as: surely those responsible and the bag carriers are equally
    affected?. However, the bag carriers (those implementing chemtrails)
    likely believe some ficticious nonsense they've been sold or are too
    frightened to speak out.

    Those at the top of the food chain are likely well prepared to resist or
    avoid the toxic attacks. As you said, they can't cover the whole globe
    but chemtrails seem to appear everywhere where people live but not
    simultaneously. Some areas may never have been sprayed.

    When combined with energy weapons (EMFs), these toxins could be the
    primary driver of the coronavirus "pandemic" which appeared
    simultaneously in a couple of dozen countries in two distinct waves.

    There is the question of our thinking being hampered by dismissing
    intuition which represents probably more than 50% of our thinking
    capacity. I don't want to make this email excessively long and it is
    something not easily conveyed in words. Esoteric knowledge is applied to
    the various strategies to convince us of authorised narratives which is
    why we need to go beyond empirical analysis to understand these
    techniques and how to see through them.

    I'll stop here because this is already quite long and dense.

    Clive x

    Clive Menzies

    We can be confined by fear, ignorance, arrogance or ideology
    Or we can liberate ourselves and each other through co-creative learning

In the light of LinkedIn’s attempts to hide the truth, I posted this yesterday. These principles for evaluating information and critical thinking are paramount, if we want to understand how the world works, chemtrails and the genocidal vaccine agenda.