Critical Thinking Website Offline

Well I guess it had to happen. Many of the links from to will not work for the time being but they are available on the WayBackMachine at

I won’t go into why this has happened other to say that it is something of an “own goal” in as much as we knew that we needed to update the system from 2014 but it was by no means a straightforward process. So much has been happening since that we haven’t had time to sort it out. Our hand has now been forced and we’ll be working to reinstate the site. In the meantime, I’ll try to update some of the most important links to go directly to

Most of the papers we’ve published are also available on the archive. If however, you require access to any Critical Thinking articles not listed there in the meantime: Copy the link address and put it into the WayBackMachine and you will typically find a number of backup copies available.

As more information is being censored and/or removed, is becoming increasingly valuable and important. Sharing information from diverse sources is essential to shift human consciousness and deny the tyrannical structure access to its lifeblood, us.

If you’re interested in supporting, there is a facility to donate on the site.

Here’s one important article I often refer to in the context of how we resist the tyrannical structure.
Strategy for Resistance