COVID “Protest” Social Engineers

Some of you may be aware that I’ve done a few radio shows over recent years with Mark Windows of Windows on the World fame. He has long been a tireless activist and researcher into our enslavement and has as good a grasp on our predicament as anyone I’ve come across. His meticulous research and analysis covers a broad spectrum and drills down into the detail, particularly when relating “the bigger picture” to local issues and events.

Mark’s show from last Sunday, 22nd November 2020, is particularly apposite in the context of my article from Wednesday which discussed the issue of scale and dissent.

Please pay special attention to what Mark says about activist groups. Developing human scale “circles of trust” is the key to getting us out the current dystopia.

The objectives and methodologies of the “change agents” and their paymasters are an inversion of what real decentralisation means, even though they’ve co-opted and corrupted the language that we and others have used, along with many of the ideas generated from our analysis.


Nothing in this system can be done without Consent, however even implied consent has to be gained without imposition, circumvention, surprise or undue influence.
Without deliberation and balance it is to be treated as a delusion.

As I suggested recently, this is our final wake-up call and we have little time for distractions and diversions. We need to act, i.e. undertake active non-compliance while learning and sharing what we learn.