COVID Plunder… the People Know!

…and here are some of those “sinister individuals”

*Click on any of the above images to see the two minute video

COVID-19 is a symptom of the Political Economy which incentivises Plunder and Structural Violence.

Awareness is growing and when enough perceptions match reality… reality will change.

Many thanks to all involved who pulled off this act of civil disobedience. In spite of the best efforts of those tasked by the beneficiaries of plunder to impede it, the protest was a great success. It has been suggested that Stand Up is controlled opposition but, irrespective, yesterday was an essential catalyst to foster growing awareness.

Protest, of itself, will change nothing but we all need the social contact with people who are happy and unafraid, so much so that they defy criminal authority to encourage others on the their own journey of discovery: we can build a shared understanding of reality. Then reality will change.

‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’  –  Sun Tzu

To those who remain fearful of the “coronavirus” and pour scorn on the many individuals in Trafalgar Square, dismissing them as conspiracy theorists, reflect on this…