COVID, Chaos and Geopolitics

The post-Critical Thinking group has produced a COVID Christmas song in the context of the Great Reset and those behind it.


Meanwhile, fear and division is being ramped up across Europe and the Middle East.


And, of course, the theatre surrounding the US election is heightening fear, division and tension across the US itself and beyond.


Ballot fraud and an inconclusive result were anticipated by many, including Whitney Webb whose work was highlighted at the beginning of September 2020. Everything that her research revealed has come to pass. It is worth noting that in spite of all the claims of a “Biden win”, the overall result cannot be finalised until the electoral collage casts its votes and that can’t happen until the contested counts are resolved.

This came to me via WhatsApp from Roger and I have not verified what is claimed but it makes sense to me:

I’m passing this on from a very knowledgeable person. Heather Anne Irvin Luis

Ok….let me clearly explain what’s going on. I have an unfriend button that you are more than welcome
to click btw because this is going to make many of you extremely angry (which is fine & will prove this post anyway)

I am in shock right now by so many of you celebrating as if Biden has won. It makes me sad that you are so extremely uneducated in American law. But it’s not just Dems….Republicans are flipping out as well. Guys! Learn our LAW.

I just got off the phone with my cousin, Brett Farley. (many of you know him) Brett has a Masters in Government and a PHD in Political Theory. He was also in leadership of 2 presidential campaigns and was recruited by the Trump campaign in 2016 to help lead the primary operation. This isn’t something I am copying and pasting or sharing. This is factual.

1st…the winner of the President is not official until the electoral college meets and casts their votes. Until that happens, it is not final….regardless of what the MEDIA tells you. Every single one of you on fb are getting your info from the media. Think that through! The electoral college can’t decide anything because there are lawsuits and the court proceedings must take place first.

2nd….Court proceedings are GUARANTEED to happen in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and possibly Nevada and Arizona. But as of now they are GUARANTEED to happen in those 4 states. The SCOTUS won’t allow any litigation to proceed beyond inauguration because that would be a constitutional crisis. So they’ll make quick decisions. This is not a conspiracy theory or something to fact check. BTW….fact check is being sued as well. This is FACTS.

3rd….The Supreme Court is already reviewing the ballots in Pennsylvania so we know AT LEAST Pennsylvania will be handled by the Supreme Court. (thank God for Amy Coney Barrett and p.s….Trump knew this was coming & is why he pushed so hard to get her confirmed before the election, and also why the Dems pushed so hard to NOT have her confirmed)

With the facts stated above, there has been no president elected. Also, after Trump gets finished exposing and retaking the election, he will then deal with the media. The media will never be the same when he is finished. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about the single worst fraudulent election in the history of our great nation and for that to not terrify every single one of you is beyond me!!! It has corrupted our entire voting system. It has already been proven that there was fraud. Again…this is factual.

This isn’t about being a sore loser. The Republicans dealt with Obama for 8 years. We may not have been happy, (just like many weren’t in 2016) but it was FAIR and done correctly through our voting system. If you are serious about how the system works then this is how it works!

I am also not sharing this to be “high and mighty” or “always right” or not “compassionate”, which are things I’ve been called in the last few weeks on social media. I am sharing this because I DO have the facts and this IS how our legal system works.

Now….I can also guarantee (with almost 99% certainty) that when Trump does succeed we will have a civil war. The Democrats started the Civil War in 1861. Again, that is factual….not an opinion as far as who started it. It is simply my personal OPINION about this country having another civil war when all this goes down. Cities will burn and our country will never be the same. The media and Biden will come out and say “Trump is a horrible man”, “Trump couldn’t stand to lose” etc etc and just as you have already been blindsided and brainwashed, you will again jump to rioting and burning down cities. It is terrifying to think I may have to remove my American Flag, religious figures and conservative signs from the outside of my home and vehicle just to make sure I am not attacked, robbed or vandalized. These things WILL happen. It’s a disgrace. However, it won’t happen for long! Trump will send out the National Guard and it will stop.

AGAIN….this is not my opinion or false information.

Many of you know the strong political and military ties my family has. Many of you know the million dollar price issued on Steven Farley’s head when he was sent by President Bush to help the Iraq government build their system back the American way. They succeeded in killing him. My point in adding that in is to possibly get many of you to understand that this is all factual information. (you can google “Steven Farley Iraq” and all of his story comes up. This is my immediate family. Again….not something I am just theorizing.

Save my post! Take a screen shot so that you may look back at all of the above as it unfold.

****I had to COPY and PASTE because it would not “load” to share….

It’s also worth noting that the “swing states” where Trump was surging is where the counts were stopped. The US is now a “banana republic” in terms of the integrity of its institutions but in view of the shenanigans in the UK and across Europe, we have no cause for Schadenfreude or celebration – the global power system is rotten to the core.

But this is not news; it’s just that the criminality and corruption have become more blatant as the desperation grows to implement the “Great Reset” in the face of growing challenges to authority and dissent. There will, undoubtedly be a reset but quite possibly not the one they planned for… soon we’ll begin to see the “rats desert the sinking ship”; already they are turning on each other. Boris Johnson exposed the divisions when he set the spooks on Michael Gove and Matt Hancock.