Cosmic Shifts

Astrologically we are in pivotal times and yesterday’s Lunar eclipse signals dramatic changes in many respects. Pam Gregory put out a video recently explaining the significance of this event.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022 (video 28 minutes 10 seconds)

Destruction and death are essential prerequisites for rebirth and this is the phase we’re now in. It is important to remember that change is constant in the world and the universe. However bad things get, the current upheavals are the prelude to something much better.

Margaret, of our Reclaimers group, has been giving us her perspectives on these astrological events and in an email yesterday, wrote the following:

…you have to base the chart on the right time for the locality. So although we have been given the period from partial eclipse to the end of totality, there is a moment of exactitude for the Sun opposition Moon when they are EXACTLY 180 degrees separated to the minute.

The effects of an eclipse can be felt for many months thereafter ..very often until the next eclipse season, and events can be triggered AFTER the eclipse when a planet transits the degrees of the eclipse.

On top of that, every New Moon/ First Quarter Moon/ Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon form parts of a 27 month cycle. For example, THIS special Full Moon – an eclipsed Full Moon – is part of the Moon family which began May 11th 2021 when the Sun conjoined Moon in c 19 degrees Taurus, and various issues were brewing underground so to speak. At the First Quarter Moon 9 months later, Feb 8th 2022 – when the Sun was at 19 Aquarius and the Moon at 19 Taurus the issues became more evident.

We are now at the Full Moon part of this family when everything is out in “FULL LIGHT” for us to see. The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is once again in Taurus. The aspects to date of the previous members of this family have all included the Sun and the Moon aspecting the planet of limitations, reality, traditions, shortages and austerity – SATURN – and the planet of chaos, change, rebellion, separation, truth, technology and the future – URANUS – which for c 18 months now have been 90 degrees apart in a closing square – a very challenging aspect for OLD vs NEW.

(The Last Quarter aspect will be next August, and a number of these tensions will be reduced)

This eclipse has SUN conjoined with MERCURY, (16 degrees Scorpio) the planet of communication, opposing MOON conjunct URANUS (16 degrees Taurus) and both square SATURN (18 degrees Aquarius). On top of that the oppositions are in minor challenging contact with JUPITER the planet that enlarges what it touches, thus amplifying the discord.

This covers the following themes: SUN is the authority – monarch/PM… with SATURN there, he is restricted from following his agendas; with Mercury combust, the SUN’S light blinds him from communicating well. The people (MOON) are rebelling (URANUS) but they too are constrained by the square with SATURN leading to incredible tension between the Govt and the populace. Dissent will become increasingly vocal and the ensuing unrest will herald chaos.

Moon aspecting Uranus speaks of abortion issues (Moon mother/ nurturer/ feeder) Uranus -abortion.
Saturn square Moon in Taurus – food shortages (Moon food, Taurus the sign of agriculture and stewardship, Saturn shortages)
Saturn square Uranus – kick out the old …usher in the new (social order…Saturn in Aquarius)

The signs Scorpio and Taurus polarity rule money and sex. Taurus relishes the physical act of sex whilst Scorpio relishes the emotional contact in sex. So much in the news about the biology of sex and the LGBT debates. Both signs are fixed, intransigent and controlled. ….With Saturn in Aquarius, another fixed sign, the experimentation and diversity of genders has made front page news.

Money: New money – out with cash and in with technological (Uranus) Central Bank Digital Currency around the world….all in the name of people control. (Pluto, which is the ruler of Scorpio, is currently in the delegated authority sign of Capricorn.) Pluto is in the last degrees of this sign and we are witnessing the exposure of the truth of the control banks exert in our lives over both us and Governments. This takeover however is hopefully constrained by the current minor aspect with Saturn.

Scorpio rules toxicity and secrets. Still much difficulty exposing the truth about many issues.

Additionally MARS (action, war, conflict, courage and energy) is currently retrograde in Gemini. Gemini is the natural ruler of the house of siblings, early learning and local neighbourhoods, and is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury . I have many recent stories of verbal conflict within local neighbourhoods!!

But very importantly this planet is moving back to square the planet of delusion, propaganda and deceit, (NEPTUNE), once more. This is most focal through November and early December. Neptune can erode slowly and imperceptibly what it touches…think of the drip drip effect of a leak… and many could feel listless, with vague ailments as MARS (energy) moves to aspect NEPTUNE once more.

Neptune is also the planet of the sea and this eclipse has Mars rising over the South China sea which could indicate a naval (Neptune) battle (Mars) whilst Mars moves ever so slowly through the sign of Gemini until next March. Decisive action for many may be difficult!!

Some interesting points…Egypt is ruled by Scorpio….think COP27!
The chart of the USA Civil War has the MOON at 15 Taurus,
The Crimea Independence chart!! of 5th May 1992 has the SUN at 15 Taurus
The Canada dominion chart has Saturn at 17 Scorpio opposition Pluto at 15 Taurus
the chart for the Republic of Sri Lanka has Mercury at 16 Taurus
the chart for New Zealand has the MOON at 16 Taurus
the chart for the CRIMEA independence vote of May 1992 has Saturn at 18 Aquarius!!

We live in interesting times!!

Later in the day, Margaret added this: “Just another nod to this eclipse…Gavin Williamson’s progressed SUN is at 18 Leo…exactly opposite transiting Saturn today and square those Sun/ Moon combinations – sudden (Uranus) fall (Saturn) from grace/prominence (Sun) and power (Scorpio) for BULLYing (Taurus!!)”

When viewed from multiple perspectives, there are undoubtedly huge changes afoot. Viewed in isolation, events and issues can seem intractable and frightening but when we appreciate the significance of what’s happening and that unseen forces are on our side, we have every reason to welcome these changes and embrace the future with confidence not just wishful thinking.

*Update – Margaret had sent me the following on the same day but somehow it got missed:

Additionally Taurus the sign of the BULL is the earth sign of farming fertility and fecundity….Scorpio the sign of the SCORPION is the water sign of death and taxes. With Uranus placed in Taurus, themes of fertility interfered with by technology!! rejection of meat and interference with seed production of all kinds is evident. This is even more pronounced with Saturn (barrenness) in Aquarius whose ruler is Uranus.

The toxicity (Scorpio) of the medical procedures on the populace (moon) with this eclipse will be exposed in coming months.