Cosmic Forces

Earlier this month, I introduced Michael Finesilver’s book, The Threshold Perspective, which explains cosmic forces and the current transition from the contracting masculine era into an expanding feminine age. This transition has likely been underway for some years and the start of this millennium heralded the death throes of the prevailing, centralised system of power.

Decentralising forces are resonating and accelerating this change in spite of centralised power’s desperation to maintain and reinforce the centralised status quo. Those who rule know they are losing ground and consequently are deploying simultaneous strategies in an attempt to halt the inevitable. Hence the “climate [non-] crisis“, COVID-19 and the “Great Reset“.

Critical Thinking drew on Mark Devlin’s work on mind control in popular culture in developing its analysis and here he gives his perspective on this cosmic and spiritual transition, referring to the significance of this year’s Winter Solstice on 21st December 2020.

There’s a reason why the evildoers are panicking and unloading their tyranny at an ever-expanding rate – they know they’re against the clock as an incoming Paradigm Shift in human consciousness – confirmed through the insights of many mediums and psychics – is imminent. The road may be rocky for a while longer yet – but ultimately, they cannot win. And once the C-word sc@m is up – everything it’s been used to justify bringing in crumbles and fails also.

Dave Cullen reinforces the contention that cosmic forces (and we) will overwhelm the forces that seek to subjugate humanity for all time.


Michael O’Bernician explains the origins of common law, its evolution and its relevance to resisting tyranny.

Lawful Rebel Interviews MOB About Common Law & Magna Carta 2020
The Bernician talks to Lawful Rebel his common-law strategy to deal with the encroaching and relentless loss of personal freedoms in the British Isles.

Michael’s action to indict Matt Hancock may or may not happen – we can’t expect the “system” to just roll over and those that rule will know the domino effect that will unfold from a successful prosecution. If it doesn’t happen today, people shouldn’t assume it can’t happen, nor should they view it as necessarily as some sort of deliberate diversion. This is a war which has multiple fronts.

Talking of which, Reiner Füllmich is pursuing a legal action in Germany,

UPDATE 1: DR. REINER FUELLMICH [Translation by Claudia of Cabin Talk]

In summary, this is a structural war and the current power structure is crumbling. However, we cannot leave this to others. We all bear a responsibility for ourselves and each other and that needs to translate into action and non-compliance with corrupt “authority”.