Consciousness Comes From Feeling Not Data

I was asked to join the Spotlight programme last night to discuss Europe’s economic crisis.

Spotlight: EUROPE ECONOMIC WOE (video 21minutes 23 seconds)
Discussion of the inflationary and economic crisis unfolding across Europe with Esha Krishnaswamy and Clive Menzies

In my contribution, I talk about people awakening to reality. By implication, I was talking about the physical manifestation of the plunder and abuse that is integral to the global political economy. The verifiable reality is that we are farmed as domestic cattle.

Beyond the physical, psychological and emotional abuse, is the overarching, constant assault on our intuitive capacity to fathom our spiritual source (see the Tarot explanation here). In the absence of this spiritual connection, we are demeaned in our own eyes which makes us easy to manage, deceive and abuse. In response, we abuse others.

What seems to differentiate us from farm animals is consciousness. Rob sent this paper that highlights the essential difference between us and artificial intelligence (AI). It is our ability to feel.

A new theory of embodied consciousness – Consciousness begins with feeling, not thinking
Antonio Damasio & Hanna Damasio
Forget ‘I think therefore I am’. In a new theory of embodied consciousness, the neuroscientists Antonio Damasio and Hanna Damasio propose that feelings are the source of consciousness. Long dismissed as secondary to reason, feelings are where consciousness begins. Without them, consciousness is impossible, they argue – with radical implications for the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness and the future of AI.

The paper gives the lesser part of the story. The reality is that we are all instances of universal consciousness and much more powerful than we think. Once we understand this, turning our backs on the age of plunder and its criminal institutions becomes a slam-dunk. We have the technology and we have the methodology. Our spiritual connection empowers us to act.

Our spiritual connection with universal consciousness is the foundation of the global family, irrespective of culture, religion, sex or any other classification (or currency) invented to divide us and harvest our energy.

I think this next quotation comes from Feargus O’Connor Greenwood’s excellent book, 180 degrees, Unlearn the lies you’ve been taught to believe, that I’m planning to review. In short, it’s an all encompassing narrative that accords with our research. If not in the book, it’s something he said at a recent presentation to our local PHA (People’s Health Alliance) group meeting.

The body doesn’t have a soul, the soul has a body.