Challenge Your Doctor

We can stop mass vaccination at the point of delivery, locally, irrespective of the machinations of regional, national and global power.

A few days ago, I posted an article on Resist Global Governance Locally in which I explained my withholding of 2/3rds of Council Tax demanded.

I went on to share an image of what I submitted via my local Doctors’ surgery website in response an NHS text to “book your flu jab!” online or at my local surgery. The image of that submission is a pain to transcribe by hand and so I’ve produced a template for anyone to use or adapt with a simple cut-and-paste.

Dear Doctor…

In studying the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Geneva, one finds the following from the original 1948 International Code of Medical Ethics has been subsequently removed:

A DOCTOR MUST always maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.

A DOCTOR MUST practice his profession uninfluenced by motives of profit.

THE FOLLOWING PRACTICES are deemed unethical;
a) Any self advertisement except such as is expressly authorized by the national code of medical ethics.
b) Collaborate in any form of medical service in which the doctor does not have professional independence.
c) Receiving any money in connection with services rendered to a patient other than a proper professional fee, even with the knowledge of the patient.

ANY ACT, OR ADVICE which could weaken physical or mental resistance of a human being may be used only on his interest.

In the current declaration, there is a watered down: THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF MY PATIENT will be my first consideration;

  1. Please advise the financial arrangements in respect of flu vaccines, i.e. what payments (from all sources) your practice receives for dispensing vaccines.
  2. What is the mortality or fatality rate (according to the manufacturer’s insert) of all the flu vaccines you are currently dispensing?
  3. Are you aware of the correlation between flu vaccination (particularly for the elderly) and COVID-19 mortality?

Yours sincerely

The template is also available as a .pdf – print it off and share it with friends and family.

If doctors respond with the information requested, they will have to confront the uncomfortable truth that they are in contravention of medial ethics.

If they fail to respond or obfuscate, you’ll know they are complicit and can awaken people around you to that fact.

To stop mandatory vaccination in its tracks, we don’t need millions of people to do this, just sufficient to place medical ethics firmly in the centre of the vaccine debate. If people know that their doctors and other local “authorities” are being bribed to vaccinate them, they will begin to ask why?

Anyone doing even cursory research into the bribery of media and government medical experts will come across copious evidence, much of which has been cited at The UK government’s chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance has been on the take for a while… This just the tip of the iceberg – they are all at it, BBC, Imperial College, Oxford University and many more all the way down to local services – that’s what the COVID action plan is all about. Go have a look and see for your self and then act to stop this madness!

Incidentally, I’ve not yet had a response from my local surgery and so either it has been ignored or it’s “set a cat among the pigeons”…