Britain has Surrendered its Liberty and Children’s Future

The British people have surrendered their liberty and their children’s future without so much as a shot being fired. Britain is not alone. The docility of the human cattle is global.

On a bike ride in the last few days, I encountered a couple who seemed to have spotted me as an “outlier” and asked, “what do you think of coronavirus?”. My response, “it’s bollocks”, was received with an indication of palpable relief and our subsequent conversation was reassuring and interesting. However, before we get too excited, this sort of fortuitous meeting of like-minded people seems to be a rarity.

Over the weeks of the lockdown (three) I’ve endeavoured to make eye-contact and engage people in conversation. Some will say hello but visibly recoil from any opportunity for further communication. Many avoid eye contact altogether, often taking a wide berth to emphasise their desire to maintain an exaggerated “social distance”. The nonsensical nature of social distancing and its inconsistency in application (eg. 2m queuing outside supermarkets only to brush past each other when inside) aren’t for discussion in this post but if you think about the reality of the “threat”, social distancing and wearing masks are doing far more harm than good.

The point of this post is how easy it’s been to terrify a population into submission. Yesterday, having noticed some people in conversation (observing the social distancing rules) who appeared to be discussing the lockdown and illness, I thought I’d try subsequently to engage one of the couples in conversation.

When I asked them whether they have doubts about what they’re being told, they looked nonplussed. My subsequent suggestion that they are being lied to about the number of deaths attributable to COVID-19 and that the UK government downgraded the threat on 19th March 2020 were met with looks of discomfort. In order to dismiss this “nutter” who’d accosted them in the park, one of them responded “we’re just doing as we’re told”. I didn’t pursue the point but in that sentence, the reality of where we are hit home. Most people have surrendered without even realising it. When they do, it will be too late to save themselves or their children and grandchildren.

I’d received through Twitter, in the last few days, the following poster.

Consequently, I went out for a long walk at 2pm looking for signs of dissent. I went to the local market square… nada!. Wove my way through suburban streets, through parks and woodland… nothing.

While I walked, I pondered the implications, reflecting on the post from a few days ago in which I talked of the phases of deception. And then it hit me. Britain has surrendered to Satanic forces without so much as a shot being fired or even visible signs of resistance. One can’t help but admire the ingenuity of the plan and its execution from 9/11 to COVID-19… total submission in one generation!

I’ve not given up and within my circles of relationships and groups, there is much intelligent dissent among those who continue to work to raise awareness among the domesticated human cattle. But what comes home is the realisation of the enormity of the task ahead which may, in the event, be futile.

This realisation has reinforced the importance of my personal, spiritual journey because that is something only I control… and that’s cause for celebration 🙂