Brink of Chaos

We’ve been warning of impending chaos since the onset of this fake pandemic and previous articles are peppered with indicators of what is about to unfold: economic, societal and physical collapse.


Global transition is inevitably messy but the collapse of the current order is an essential step to a higher plane of existence.

There is a cosmic dimension to this transition that is summarised in an email sent by Katharine in the midst of coping with the hospitalisation of Eddie since Tuesday 17 August.

Second Full Moon in Aquarius, Sunday 22nd August 2021, at 1:01 pm BST. ✨

✨ Cosmic magic abounds, we have profound and intense Full Moon energies this weekend, we have a powerful astrological portal of connection and awakening. This is the second consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius. Two consecutive Full Moons in the same sign are known as a ‘blue moon’, because this astrological alignment is such a rare occurrence and happens just ‘once in a blue moon’! Whenever this aligns, the first occurrence of the Full Moon is in the first degree of the zodiac sign and the second Full Moon in the last degree of the zodiac sign. Last month we had a Full Moon at 1° Aquarius and this Full Moon is at 29° Aquarius.

✨ This energy cycle has been a strong link to the profound Winter Solstice and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020, the activation and opening of the Aquarian Age Gateway. This second Full Moon in Aquarius signifies the ending of previous cycles, and a closing of the past. What once has been, has now ended, and we have been offered a glimpse of a new beginning, a new pathway ahead, and positive movement forward.

✨ Pay attention to any insights that alight in your mind, or emotional energy field, at this time of the second Aquarian Full Moon, because these inspirations, deeper wisdoms, visions or feelings, are your soul calling to you, and will give you glimpses into the bright future that awaits you. This Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter which will serve to reignite the bright spark of your dreams, vision, purpose and goals.

✨ The time is now to make some bright, aligned, intuitive moves forward towards your ambitions, desires and goals. At this time of the Aquarius Full Moon, pay attention to any new insights, thoughts or feelings that emerge for you. Are there any messages coming through? Do you notice any signs in your life? This is a time of great expansion, progression, alchemical awakening, and the dream of a new future leading us towards personal freedom. You can ask yourself: What actions can I take now towards my goals? What are my true priorities at this time? What will I achieve for the rest of this year, and what can I do now to take steps towards my dreams? How can I more clearly listen to my deeper wisdom and insight? How can I move forward with joy and create abundance in all areas of my life?

✨ This Full Moon in Aquarius is one of the most auspicious of the year! It is a time of gathering together, your gifts of abundance, your creativity, and your power. We have just traversed through a particularly chaotic, intense and at times traumatic energy cycle, there was no evading the deeper energies of this past lunar energy cycle, between these two Aquarian Full Moons, during which we also had the prophetic Lions Gate energy awakening gateway as well as the Leo New Moon! Wow! What a ride this time period has been, revealing all that needs to be revealed, and shining a light on all that needs to fall away or be let go of! You’ve got this Dear One!

✨ The message of this Lunar energy cycle is ‘Ending of Cycles’, and ‘Release all Fear’. This is a time to stand up for all that you believe in, if you can create some time for inner contemplation, you will find all of the answers that you seek. The time is now to trust in your future!

✨ Pay attention to any synchronicities, chance meetings, events, insights or inspirations that you have at this Aquarian Full Moon, because they will give you glimpses into the bright future that awaits you. This Full Moon in Aquarius will give you a glimpse into the beautiful Aquarian bigger cosmic picture, into what’s possible for you and the insight and clarity to not give up on your dreams. It is the perfect time to retreat and take some solitude for reflection and guidance. It is the perfect time to seek your inner and higher guidance to discover what it is, or whom, you really need in your life right now. You could take a walk in nature to calm your mind, to clearly hear the messages from the nature elementals, or, pull a card from your card deck and sit with the cards image seeking the deeper meaning for you and what role this message may have to play in your own life. This cosmic energy is aligned to the traditional tarot archetype of the hermit, which is symbolic of taking a retreat, healing, inner knowledge and learning.

✨ We can use the energies of this Full Moon in Aquarius, to bring clarity to our thoughts, and wisdom to our actions, it is a time of creation, and planning towards our new pathway ahead. With insight and awareness, we can choose wisely, the energies will quicken now going forward, focused brave action is needed for the following months and year ahead.

✨ Aquarius is an Air sign within the zodiac, however, Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer, and the element of Air, linking the water element of the emotional body to the mental body through the element of Air. The sign of Aquarius also rules the blood circulation. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, and the groups to which we belong; spiritual, national, political, friendships and family. The energies of Aquarius can help us seek higher perspectives and help us align ourselves in service to humanities highest visions. Because Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, this lunar cycle is a good time to re-connect with your friends and reach out within your social circles, this is a wonderful sign to assist your connection with groups, with your tribe.

✨ Cycles are closing, opening and changing your reality, so that you can move forward, as you reflect upon your past, your present, and receive enlightened insights towards your future, you can forge a new pathway ahead with purpose, intention, promise and joy. The energy is free and flowing right now, and you have many more extraordinary cosmic events to embrace along your pathway ahead.

Brother Bugnolo talks of preparation.

Our successful transition requires working with others, both the vaccinated (who’ve been tricked and coerced into submission to tyranny) and those not.

Humanity is evolving and rather than focus on the chaos, we need to rebuild from the very foundations of society. That means us and the sooner the better!