BMJ: 2020 Was Less Deadly Than Every Year Before 2009

Lockdown Sceptics has just published this article highlighting a peer reviewed paper in the British Medical Journal.

BMJ: 2020 Was Less Deadly Than Every Year Before 2009.

Furthermore, once you take into account the fact that the population is getting older and standardise the figures by age, 2020 was less deadly than 2008 and every year prior to it.

Of course, both the article and the paper give credence to the idea of a virus which we know cannot cause disease but nonetheless, the data add weight to the view that the “lockdown” was unjustified and unnecessary.

As many have suggested, the excess deaths we’re not caused by a virus but other causes including the “lockdown” itself.

Toxic pharmaceuticals (including flu injections) and inappropriate responses to the alleged “pandemic” probably caused many deaths and deaths from other causes were misattributed to “COVID”. Where did “seasonal flu” deaths disappear to last winter?

In the so called “Spanish Flu” (which was neither Spanish nor Flu) mass vaccination programmes were the primary cause of millions of deaths and undoubtedly played a part in the so called COVID “pandemic”.

Mass torture (prolonged emotional stress) and toxins (petrochemical pharmaceuticals and hand cleaners, for example) are more likely causes of death than a virus which has never been isolated or proven.

The “pandemic” narrative is unravelling and we can help by sharing information. Fear is the biggest obstacle but as Dawn Lester and David Parker explain, there is nothing to fear from a mythical virus.