Big Data Anarchy

DABISO – Distributed Autonomous But Interdependent Self Organisation

The universe, our Earth and We living beings thrive on a very simple but challenging (in our current state) principle – LOVE. Men, women and families savouring life in a state of “Anarchy” (i.e. no mortal ruler) in a world of Abundance.

Our “ruler” is universal law or God, not an authoritarian, vengeful God but a persistent foundation of universal truth. If we adhere to that truth, we thrive.

However, we live within a structure of systems that punish adherence to universal law and reward us for conducting psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical wars against each other, as well as ourselves. Our existence is interdependent and whatever affects one, affects us all to varying degrees. When we harm another we cause harm to ourselves. These are truths revealed through the study of esoteric knowledge.

If we are to escape this structure of systems, we need to build Distributed, Autonomous But Interdependent, Self Organisation systems, locally and among mutual interest groups globally.

The Money Machine

Recent papers on money reveal the flaws in the current system of exchange money that is now the foundational driver of every hierarchical institution, be it government, corporation, civic, NGOs, academia – media, military-intelligence, in short, all the levers of power. Money designed and fuels the machine, not to create abundance but to create cycles of plenty and scarcity. Through Debts, Rents and Taxes, men, women and families are harvested individually and collectively while their judgement is suspended because most are kept in a state of continuous Fear.

Fear that is without respite… just when people think they can breathe a sigh of relief, up comes the next “existential” “threat”.

Meanwhile, resources that should be readily available for anyone that needs them are plundered mercilessly. The conditional “gate keeper” is money; those who are in most need of money find money most difficult to acquire. Those who control money end up with all the resources. It’s a game with very few winners.

This is the hunger games economy within which we are beguiled, bewitched and befuddled into a cocoon of servitude that relative to what we see around us is quite comfortable, thank you very much.

Over the last 20 years, successive phases of the war on us all entail ever more desperate measures and “incidents” in attempt to quell the restive population. Each act of desperation reveals the paucity of evidence to support the fabricated narratives. Greed and plunder are visible everywhere. Cui bono? Who benefits?

As the acts to increase control become more visible, they lose potency or impact. It’s a vicious circle of increasing desperation that benefits those of us who value freedom. The tide has turned as more and more people are noticing how they are being abused and harmed. Once people see the first big lie, the compulsion to explore others becomes irresistible. Finding “soul mates” in different stages of their journey of discovery, reveals more depth and colour to our awareness of how the systems extract our energy and exert control.

Money lies at the heart of every system of oppression and destruction – it is a dead heart that feels no emotional or spiritual connection with its living victims. The only metric of “success” in the money system is Quantity. Quality of life is for those who have more money than most others; arguably, that quality has little to do with the real essence of life but merely an excess of “stuff”.

A fast growing number of people are refusing to allow their energy and resources to be sucked into the funnel of the voracious money machine.

Self-organisation is taking root in the form of groups and ways of living independently of the structure (food, health, information, mutual support in multiple respects).

Fixing The Mechanics

The working title for this article was “accounting for anarchy” but on reflection, “accounting” is too narrow a term because what we’ve argued in successive papers is that we are talking of systems capable of handling complex, rich data. Big Data is already an integral part of the emerging economy. Whereas, accounting is mainly concerned with numerical data.

To bring our interactions into line with universal law referred to in the opening paragraph of this article, we need to scale up the mechanisms by which families and small groups have thrived for millennia up to the present day.

We have the technology and know how to bring our handling of value into line with universal law.

Big Data handled through Distributed, Autonomous But Interdependent Self Organisation can take us from a highly competitive environment of scarcity, to a coherent, global family of miraculous abundance.

The congruence of our physical reality with our spiritual imperative will overwhelm any attempts to control the outcome. Systems will evolve, through opensource, without a blueprint or plan, into a living organism (rather like mycelium) that responds to everyone’s needs while making best use of our capacities, in a structure that thrives on Love.

Below is a schematic of how Distributed Autonomous But Interdependent Self Organisation (DABISO) is working in practice. The reality is much more complex and the diagram is primarily to show the “mechanics” of the process. This is a skeleton outline showing just a few of the many connections and elements with which I interact.

I am just one individual but this process is being replicated many times over and many individuals are interacting and sharing resources, knowledge, skills and ideas, creating a mass of activity.

This network or matrix is multifaceted and multidimensional. It is in a constant state of vibration. Individuals and groups become aware through these vibrations and as they embrace fundamental truths, resonance builds. A dramatic shift in human consciousness is already underway.