Beings Of Light

As crazy rises, the vibrations of light gather strength and momentum… the craziness will pass as we move into the light. We have no need to fear the crazy…

Two Timelines right NOW. Which one are you focusing on? (video 12 minutes 50 seconds)

Daily, I find resonance with beacons of light vibrating with awareness. This week, some of us were exposed to wisdom from Alan of Salisbury who is currently working on a document of great significance to our awakening. This Notice of Ecclesiastical Standing is work-in-progress and is of relevance to the work of our self-organising Reclaimers group that met yesterday. In the notes for that meeting, I wrote the following:

Mistake in Fact – irrespective that we may have conducted ourselves erroneously thus far in respect of the various battles in which we are engaged (Council Tax, Debt, Utilities, PCNs, etc.) remember that we are learning. Consequently, whenever we choose we can adopt a higher level approach to rebut what has gone before in which we may have given “joinder” or fallen foul of the trickery in some other way. It is never to late to apologise and start afresh:

Please accept my sincere apologies for my mistake of fact; a mistake of fact that I have only recently become aware of…

The legal system works on Assumption, Presumption (See 12 Presumptions of Court attached) and Opinion. It cannot deal with facts stated by a living man or woman. That is the source of our true power.

For example, the status correction documents we’ve lodged in the archive are important and contain many of the elements in Alan’s document; the process is an appeal to those in a position of “authority” within the system. We’ve yet to have confirmation that submitting these documents to the various “authorities” has had any tangible effect. As far as we know, although Justin was researching the next steps in terms of an interview at the Treasury (the Prime Minister is the First Lord of the Treasury), that has not as yet happened.

The Notice of Ecclesiastical Standing is addressed To Whom it May Concern… the implication being that it can be relied on in court (their system). For example, when faced with a court case involving our ens legis or legal fiction, we say: “I am making a special appearance as a living man/woman to help you cure your problem“.

The legal system is only for dead people. This document puts “authority” (in all its guises) on notice that we know the game and are not prepared to participate but will help them correct their mistake in declaring us dead or lost at sea and give them the opportunity to provide remedy under the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 or the 1302 Unum Sanctam (issued by Pope Boniface) for “cure and maintenance” i.e. restore to us that which is ours and provide us with the means to life: shelter, food, clothing etc. As Alan said, this is not the opportunity to make excessive demands because we should only take what we need and leave the rest because that is universal law.

This document obviously won’t help when dealing with individuals within the Council, Debt Collectors or all the other jobsworths in the system but when we understand our power, we have no need to treat with them. It is only when faced with a proper (not administrative) court that we can then assert our sovereignty.

This sounds all fine and dandy but many of us are dealing with practical day to day issues that may be difficult to ignore. Consequently, while continuing to fight our respective battles, we need to read and absorb the Ecclesiastical Standing document and continue to discuss it at our weekly meetings. In time, I suggest, our day to day problems will shrink to nothing as the understanding of our power grows.