Be Open and Generous

A couple of days ago, I wrote about husbanding energy and resources, primarily by denying the structure access to them by not paying Council Tax, debt etc. and not engaging with the structure’s false narratives.

We also need to co-create ways of living without focusing on or holding onto money.

Giving to others what they need, be it money, our time and capacity to fulfil others’ needs, is a strategy that brings big rewards while laying the foundations for a sustainable and prosperous future.

The more open and generous to others we become, the more easily are our own needs satisfied.

This is the methodology that has sustained humans for millennia.

Since changing my attitude to money (not worrying about how much I don’t have and giving it to others who need it when I can) has transformed so many aspects of my life. I see money for what it is: an idea that creates conflict and destruction.

A different idea (way of accounting for human activity and relationships that need to be counted) gives rise to a very different dynamic in human society to make life richer and much more enjoyable: co-creative development.

Many of you who are engaged in the The Work with whom I interact daily manifest these qualities of openness and generosity; it is from you that I derive my energy and resources. Thank you!