Are we looking at the wrong birdie?

No, this is NOT an April fool joke!

While we’re all focusing on “contagion” and the risk of catching an “airborne” and “highly contagious” disease (something I learnt was “either/or” when I was young, never both together), are people getting sick from something else entirely. After all, we’re electric beings in an electric universe.

Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan
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Dr Thomas Cowan’s Coronavirus Virus Hypothesis
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The Anatomy of Covid-19
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But even if one believes COVID-19 is both highly infectious and contagious (which doesn’t seem to be supported by the evidence; lockdown has yet to be proven to be effective), why the panic? Official data don’t reveal anything like an extraordinary threat to human health…

Coronavirus Covid-19 Fact Not Fear
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As with any event or issue, look at coronavirus from multiple perspectives. Does a pattern emerge that is consistent with Critical Thinking’s analysis? Is it consistent with the agenda to subjugate and cull the human cattle?

Beyond Critical Thinking Part 1

We really do need to overcome our fears and talk to the other… as Thomas Cowan says, with all the assaults on us today, “it’s really hard to be human”. We need each other more than ever and that is the real purpose of this lockdown to deter the healing power of congregation.