Are we adults or children who are lied to?

As the manufactured hysteria and draconian responses to coronavirus escalate, a cool headed reality check is long overdue. Our governments are lying and treating us like children because, in their view, we are incapable of critical thinking and are to be led into the abyss, although few of them understand the consequences of what they are doing, because they too are manipulated from above.

Jon Rappoport: The Bloodless Coup, the Fake Epidemic

Are we children to be controlled by lying “parents”, ie. those in authority? Or are we going to listen to different voices and decide for ourselves, like grown adults?
Jon Rappoport has been researching fake pandemics for 30 years and lays out some realities.

Pulmonologist Wolfgang Wodarg explains why coronavirus is not the threat it’s made out to be.

Stunning insights into the Corona-panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Wolfgang Wodarg explains how coronavirus is always present among the various flu type viruses and how the current panic is unjustified. There are parallels with the global warming narrative – once the gravy train starts rolling, everyone wants to get on board because there’s money and status to be won. But as those who understand the context, this is the end game

We know the game plan, as do others, such as David Icke:


David Icke “tells it like it is” and corroborates what Critical Thinking and many others have been claiming
As David puts it, we’re being herded into the Hunger Games political economy

And Max Igan:

A Pandemic on Cue and Scarcity by Design

So, the question remains: are we adults or children? To understand coronavirus and all that is being implemented in its name, we need multiple perspectives on history and the political economy. That is what Critical Thinking sought to synthesise over its 8 years of research and the website is a repository of references and analysis. Critical Thinking is not alone and there are many other diligent researchers and critical thinkers who share a wealth of information and knowledge.

Sami puts the current pressure to go “cashless” globally into historical context with an impressive and useful piece of work.

The Cashless Society

Following the widely reported european failure of the VISA payments system last weekend, I hastily compiled this ‘Twitter Moment’ in order to help bring about a wider awareness and attention to the issues surrounding the moves being taken against the use of cash by governments, financial institutions and businesses over the past few years.
Friends over at Transnotitia responded by asking me to write a blog about this and other issues I tweet about regarding the future of finance and money. So here I present a compilation of information which may take quite some time to absorb. It’s not intended to be read in one go, but to be used as a reference that will hopefully provide more than enough knowledge and information to help understand and educate others to certain dangers related to The Cashless Society ahead of us.

If we are to grow into critical thinking adults, capable of governing ourselves (because we can’t trust the “clever b*stards” currently controlling the levers of power), we need to draw on work such as Sami’s. Beyond the above article, he has curated a treasure trove of information on his website,

There is so much information to absorb, we recommend that you work with others and draw on the wisdom and understanding that comes from co-creative learning.

Armed with an understanding of coronavirus and the political economy, you will be well equipped to make decisions in the interests of yourself, your family and all those around you. We can co-create a better world and this manufactured crisis may be the catalyst to turn us from malleable “children” into self-organising adults.