Another Day, Another Scam?

Through the Critical Thinking network and beyond, I’m the beneficiary of many interesting snippets of information which when considered within the wider context of Critical Thinking’s analysis, enrich and expand the narrative we co-created.

I received a video via WhatsApp of a Brummie gentleman expressing outrage at the receipt of a £200 fine for some COVID regulation transgression or other. His outrage was less about the fine itself but the organisation demanding money with menaces. Incidentally, if someone has a link to the video on YouTube, BitChute, LBRY or elsewhere, I’ll add it to this article. (Update* Eddie sent me the link on BrandNewTube). The allegation in the video is that police officers and officials are direct beneficiaries of these spurious fines.

The Fixed Penalty Notices referred to in the video seem to be issued by ACRO Criminal Records Office but the Company concerned is CPOSA Ltd located at the same address. CPOSA has no shareholders – it is limited by guarantee. I’ve not studied the Memorandum and Articles of Association and there is more digging to be done. However, from the accounts accessible from here: one can track that the reserves are shown in the first year’s accounts as coming as “income” transferred from (see note 8 to the 2016 accounts below) the assets and liabilities of the Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association (a non-incorporated organisation).

The only full accounts available are for the first year:
CPOSA LTD Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2016

You can get abbreviated accounts for subsequent years and here are the last filed accounts:
CPOSA LTD Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2020

The point is that the income, if it is purely from fines suggests something fishy, particularly as there is no information as to where the money goes. The reserves rose from the c.£251,086 transferred in from the staff association in March 2015 to a peak of £838,407 at the end of March 2018. Reserves fell by approximately £50K per year over the following two years to £738,777 at the end of March this year (2020).

However, in contrast to previous years, the debtors and creditors in the March 2020 accounts show much higher balances, £1,089,795 and £1,103,675 respectively. Which begs the questions:

  • Are the debtors unpaid fines?
  • Who are the creditors?
  • Are the creditors members of the Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association? …which would indeed be a conflict of interest.

I circulated the above information to the Critical Thinking group mailing list (c. 65 people) saying I probably won’t spend any more time on this but if others want to pursue it, I’d be interested in sharing any juicy information more widely.

I also suggested it’s pretty small beer in the context of the vaccine scam but almost insignificant in the context of the criminal banking infrastructure. I said that one day I’ll share what Alex and I discovered about the shell game of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which parleyed CHFbillions (Swiss Francs) by the “enforced sale” of private shareholdings to 63 central banks which themselves are owned by the same beneficiaries of the sale.

  • Update 3rd May 2021 – while I suggested that the amounts are modest; that was incorrect. In reality, £millions or even £billions could be funnelled through this company because there is no profit and loss statement, just the opening and closing balances.

I’ve received the following in response.

I’ve not spent as much time as you but did look up a few things:

Take a look at this organisation.

Amongst many other revenue collection operations, they issue COVID-19

Would be good to have that video though.

They also pay police officers directly for their services. I find that interesting in itself.

But that’s not what has me awake at this hour.

CPOSA Ltd, a private company that has no employees.

The company was registered using the Companies Made Simple fastregistration service –

Therefore, the articles of association are generic. No idea why it was formed.

Anyway, onto the people.

Ian Robert Readhead, former chief constable and Chief Executive of ACRO (deceased) was a former Director of CPOSA Ltd.

1 active director is Chief of Police Andy Rhodes Lancashire Police, also current chairman of CPOSA.

1 active directors is a Chief of Police John Robins West Yorkshire Police

1 active director is ACRO Director of Resources Ian Cosh, former Assistant Director of Corporate Finance at Lancashire County Council.

1 former director is Former Chief of Police Dave Jones North Yorkshire
(not trying to draw attention, just verifying man’s name).

1 former director is Former Chief of Police Mark Polin North Wales Police, now chair of University Health Board.

1 former director is Former Chief of Police Ann Sharon Taylor Devon
and Cornwall Police.

Are you saying Clive that this may not be conflicts of interest?

There is tangible evidence that money comes from our pocket, if fined, and to CPOSA Ltd, from work carried out by ACRO. Hundreds of thousands are attributed to direct costs. No staff, no offices. What costs money? Paying people outside of the company?

Surely there a case here for further scrutiny?

1 crack can break the porcelain.

Someone should go through Companies House and see what other companies are affiliated to Chief Police Officers and the dishing out of COVID fixed penalty notices.

As you say, shall fry… but…

I’m not saying there isn’t a conflict but that without knowledge of who are the creditors, there is no tangible evidence to present.

That said, we live under a commercial system of maritime law that effectively made us assets of a corporation in 1666 when all citizens in the UK were declared lost at sea. We are harvested through the legal fiction of the PERSON. The Crown is a corporation, as are local councils which is why the system and law aren’t concerned with justice but contracts, torts and adjudication thereof. This is why there is no remedy through the system; we have to create a new one.

In the aforementioned Cestui Que Vie link there is mention of Lex Mercatoria as a possible route for remedy but links pertaining to this have disappeared and it may have been a red herring or simply impractical because of too many impediments…

I’d had a look at the directors of CPOSA but am grateful to the respondent for laying this out for others to see.

A clear expose requires more digging and evidence; for example, there may be many companies involved in collecting fines with a similar structure. £1m doesn’t represent a nationwide scam. By having many companies rather than one big entity, the scale of the scam would be much easier to hide. I’ve not the time personally to undertake further investigation but encourage others to take an interest.

Health, policing and many other “public” services are now in private hands but most people have no idea and cling to the illusion that voting is capable of bringing about change to rectify things. As we said in the first paper on COVID in April, the illusion of freedom is disappearing before our eyes…

Our real defence is non-compliance rather than trying to navigate the bureaucratic labyrinth as individuals or mass protest which will be severely dealt with by the commercial, Israeli trained militia posing as a police force.

The ideology of destruction runs through the global system and we are no longer harvested within national or geographic boundaries which is why many “activists” are barking up the wrong tree.

Finally, my respondent added this in a separate email:

I should stay away from this.


Company number 08113293

*Police and crime commissioners are directors. 25 million turnover for services provided to the police. *

I was naive and didn’t know the police were private entity like this, or allowed to intertwine public and personal interests.

I’m sure that many are equally “naive”. I for one didn’t appreciate the extent of the web of criminality. While one instance may be “small beer”, cumulatively our system of governance is wholly corrupt and criminal and can never be reformed from within.

Time to create something new.