A Very Important Conversation

Eddie sent the following video:

when technology is upstream of cultureā€¦..James Corbett, Richard Grove (video 58 minutes 44 seconds)
edit of Grand Theft World Podcast 055 | Take the Rhodes Pill November 21st, 2021

This threeway conversation between James Corbett, Richard Grove and Tony Myers struck me as very important on so many levels that I can’t begin to articulate the full context of what is discussed. I will, however, attempt to tease out what I think is most important in this conversation.

In the conversation, they discuss the different perspectives offered in another conversation involving Luke Rudowski, Tim Pool and others. This is the first essential element; conversations between people with different perspectives are vital to create a shared understanding of reality. This is the method by which Critical Thinking’s analysis evolved. It reinforces the importance of methodology. How we learn is as important as what we learn.

The second element is the fundamental importance of structure. The problem “of technology being used to shape culture to achieve global control” is itself a function of the competitive structure. This is what I tried to convey in my presentation at the Keep Talking event earlier this month.

In short, as James says, there is no one solution to our problems. There can be no single blueprint; a new paradigm will, of necessity, come from self-organising, autonomous groups interacting with each other. However, for these to be effective, they need a shared understanding of how we got here, in order to create alternatives that don’t suffer the same flaws that arise from the current structure.

Which brings me to my last point. Renegade University provides access to James Corbett’s course, Mass Media: a History. However, there is a (not immodest) cost to this because of the very structure we critique.

All knowledge should be freely available. This is symptomatic of our problem: in seeking to overturn the system, we’re seduced into its structure to survive. I blame neither James nor those behind Renegade University but if we are to escape our predicament, we need to build the world we want to see. (There is the secondary consideration that relates to how we learn, referred to above.)

We have to find alternative ways to mediate such human activities and relationships that reflect natural human proclivity rather than remain trapped within the competitive paradigm created by today’s simple, exchangeable money methodology.