A Further Response From My Doctors’ Surgery

The correspondence with my doctors’ surgery continues.

Practice Response

This is a message for Clive Menzies
The practice replied on on Mon 12 Oct at 15:19.

Dear Mr Menzies,

Thank you for your response. You can submit your question 1. to CCG by emailing: 

  1. You are correct in assuming that out of £10.06 we have the cover cost of the vaccine supply, staffing and additional cost associated with immunisation programme.
  2. Thank you for submitting a rich and graphical excerpt from the Virus Mania. It is a valuable insight in the early days of the vaccine research during the deadly Spanish Flu outbreak and a good ventage point to recognise the progress in medical sciences we can benefit from in the twenty first century. In age of “post-truth”, the subject of vaccinatios remains controversial and is often misrepresented. As you seem to be keen reader, I would recommend reaching for the wider body of literature to get an objective picture of the matter. The Practice stands firm in support of all immunisation programmes in the UK.

We do not dismiss the corelation between flu immunisation and COVID-19 complications (or mortality) as the subject not worthy of further investigation. Quite contrary, I is our view that extensive research effort is needed to understand all aspects of this novel disease, including interactions with other medication. 

Kind regards,

Maciej Karas

Practice Manager

To which I’ve replied:

I’m having to respond with a new message because there appears to be no method to respond directly to your message of 12th October 2020. If you would kindly provide an email address, it would avoid clogging your messaging system. It would also enable me to format my response in more readable fashion because in spite of formatting it properly in composition, it transmits as continuous text.

Hi Maciej

Thanks for the additional information and your response although you don’t disclose how much you pay for each vaccination?

Spanish flu was the first alleged pandemic founded on the flawed idea of a single cause of disease, i.e. germ theory and viruses. In the book, Virus Mania, are references to evidence that HPV, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS and Polio have been similarly mischaracterised as resulting from a “virus”, none of which have been properly isolated. Throughout the story of vaccines are similar traits; vaccines are rolled out and in some cases have to be withdrawn because of the damage they wreak; information of fatalities and permanent damage has been consistently suppressed because the pharmaceutical companies have their people in control of the regulatory bodies and governments’ policies. A recent example being the UK government’s chief scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, who having already made some £5m on the sale of GSK shares, retains some £600,000 worth of GSK shares. The CDC and FDA in the US are similarly afflicted. We’re now in the position of pharmaceutical companies being indemnified in advance of the roll out of a COVID vaccine which is being promoted before it’s even ready, in response to another fabricated pandemic, for which there is no evidence other than a test which has no validity for diagnosis according to its creator, Kerry Mullis.

The polio story was already underway before Spanish Flu and continued well into the 20th century. From Virus Mania page 66:

On 12 April 1955, Salk’s vaccine was celebrated nationwide as a substance that completely protected against polio outbreaks. US President Dwight Eisenhower awarded Salk a Congressional Gold Medal. American and Canadian television joined in the celebration. And on 16 April, the Manchester Guardian joined the party, stating that “nothing short of the overthrow of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union could bring such rejoicing to the hearths and homes in America as the historic announcement last Tuesday that the 166-year war against paralytic poliomyelitis is almost certainly at an end.”
But the triumph was short-lived. Medical historian Beddow Bayly wrote that “Only thirteen days after the vaccine had been acclaimed by the whole of the American Press and Radio as one of the greatest medical discoveries of the century, and two days after the English Minister of Health had announced he would go right ahead with the manufacture of the vaccine, came the first news of disaster. Children inoculated with one brand of vaccine had developed poliomyelitis. In the following days more and more cases were reported, some of them after inoculation with other brands of the vaccine.” According to Bayly, “Then came another, and wholly unlooked-for complication. The Denver Medical Officer, Dr. Florio announced the development of what he called ‘satellite’ polio, that is, cases of the disease in the parents or other close contacts of children who had been inoculated and after a few days illness in hospital, had returned home [and] communicated the disease to others, although not suffering from it themselves.”

Rather than replicate the relevant sections which highlight similar problems with vaccines over the last 40 years, I suggest you and your colleagues explore the contrary evidence for yourselves because the papers and information you are consuming come from the pharmaceutical industry itself which, as I said before, has a vested interest in suppressing information that undermines confidence in vaccines. The rapid escalation of the incidence of autism, for example, correlates with the dramatic increase in vaccines to which children are subjected. And before we get into the correlation/causation debate, I suggest you and your colleagues impartially explore the wider evidence.

A growing proportion of the population are informing themselves of the dangers of vaccines and refusing vaccination for themselves and their children. This is not because people are easily led but having trusted their doctors and government, they’ve discovered more and more reasons as to why this trust is misplaced.

Doctors are trained and managed in an hierarchical structure which is controlled by the same people who profit from pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. This results in them having a narrow perspective on human health and, as is said “to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, i.e. “there is a single cause to a disease, and this vaccine is the cure”. Doctors are not alone; every field of academic study has been structurally captured to benefit those who profit from such misperceptions of reality. This is a complex issue that is explored in this paper:

We’re in an age of perception management but the contradictions are becoming obvious to more and more people. When enough people understand the reality, as a growing number of doctors already do, patients’ confidence in their doctors will need to be restored. I respectfully suggest that you and your colleagues get ahead of the curve, rather than be casualties of the blowback.



Please feel free to plagiarise any of my responses to hold your doctors to account and alert them to the dangers of being ignorant of the growing antipathy to vaccinations and, consequently, the danger to themselves, in terms of loss patient trust in their doctor(s).